Friday, December 11, 2015

With Mama Tried around the corner I started looking back at last years photos. I'm sure @scottfuel and @jrscycleproducts will put on another awesome show and this year they've added a flat track event on Friday. You guys are killing it. Keep up the good work.

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Mama Tried Show, in Partnership with Harley-Davidson Motorcycles Presents Flat out Friday. Flat Out Friday is an indoor flat track motorcycle race on Dr. Pepper syrup. The dried syrup will allow the bikes to stick to the floor and reach maximum speed.

Mama Tried Show is a weekend of indoor invitational showcasing honest, homebuilt, and unusual motorcycles from the Midwest.

Seven classes of motorcycles will be competing in Flat Out Friday:

Four Stroke Brakeless: These are antique bikes that represent how flat track originally was. Riders with no brakes, suspension, or brains control their Harley’s with only throttle.

85cc Youth Class: Riders are between the ages of 7-15 years old. These are the best young guns in the mid-west.; the future of the sport. The speed and skill of these riders will be amplified on the short track.

Open Amateur: See local heroes battle for a chance to be in the Mama Tried Show and a chance to prove they are the best of the winter season.

Open Vintage: This class promises to be loud and smelly. Riders will be wrestling bikes of all makes; over every inch of the 1/16” mile track.

Pro: The States of the Mid-west produce the most pros nationally. One works hard to attain a “Pro” status. The riders will be fighting for a chance to make the main event and push even harder for the $500-to-win prize money.

Hooligan: Modern, street legal stocked framed twins. Watch these cowboys in the bull ring.

Goof Ball/Inappropriate Motorcycle Class: Inappropriate motorcycles/Inappropriate racers. Street bikes with headlights taped and covered. Costumes encouraged.

Doors open at 5:00 p.m. for watching practice.
Racing at 6:30 p.m.

$10.00 tickets in advance*
$15.00 at the door*
*Prices include $2/ticket facility fee. Convenience fees apply.

Pit passes:
$15 + ticket

Monday, November 30, 2015


MotoPhotoShow returns to share the life, customs and creativity of the Midwest motorcycle culture

On January 13th of 2015 over 300 guests attended the opening night party to see 30 photographers exhibit 85 works at LuLu Café in Milwaukee in the inaugural MotoPhotoShow.

We are pleased to announce that MotoPhotoShow will return with our second annual exhibit starting Tuesday, January 19th of 2016.
If you are a photographer interested in being a part of this event, we are accepting submissions from September 15, 2015 through November 30 2015. Click here for details.
In the Midwest our motorcycle culture is a unique part of our lives. In summer we ride dirt, in winter we spike our tires and tear across frozen lakes. We’re in garages wrenching with friends or we’re touring solo on the highways. Motorcycles are our common bond. MotoPhotoShow showcases the motorcycles, people, places and culture we capture in our cameras throughout the year.
Focused on the MidWest, our photographers document our world. They share visions that are close to home for our moto-families and will amaze anybody. Whether you’ve ridden a motorcycle or not, you’ll see yourself in our photos. Surrounded by friends around a fire or 90-miles-an-hour from the handlebars cruising down the highway.

As part of our inaugural event, MotoPhotoShow was featured in a segment of The Arts Page on Milwaukee PBS Channel 10. The segment captured our lively discussion about motorcycles and art, and how our parter LuLu Café’s plays a role as a public art space in the heart of Bay View. Click here to watch and see what MotoPhotoShow is all about. 100% made and printed in the US.

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